Разница в SSL сертификатах

Хочу купить SSL сертификат
посматрел цены на них варьируют сильно
в чем разница между SSL сертификатами к примеру

registerfly.com/ssl/ $9.99/$23.98

Designed for lower volume commerce sites
True 128/256-bit SSL encryption
Instant Signup process(as little as 5 Minutes)
Automated online validation — no paperwork
Compatible with 99% of all browsers
Easy installation
Single root trusted SSL certificate
Fully Validated
Free Simple Site Seal
30 day money back guarantee
unlimited re-issuance policy
$10,000 Warranty

www.godaddy.com/gdshop/ssl/ssl.asp?ci=9173 Just $19.99/yr

Turbo SSL® Certificate
Affordable, reliable site security can be yours in minutes! Verifies domain control and secures your site.

• Domain-Only Validation
• Issued within minutes
• Up to 256-bit encryption
• Warranty
• 99% browser recognition
• Validation
• View Site Seal

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